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Fake news on Twitter

Can Artificial Intelligence detect fake news on Twitter?

The term fake news has become popular in recent years, mainly due to the impact that disinformation campaigns on the net have had on...

If killer whales and bats share echolocation, are they distant relatives?

Scientists have uncovered genetic similarities among species that use echolocation. Evolutionary adaptations like echolocation that are shared by unrelated species arose in part due to...
Working robot

Who has done their job wrong when an autonomous robot makes a mistake?

People are likely to blame robots for workplace accidents, but only if they believe the robots are autonomous, according to a new study. “Robots are...

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Company’s credit risk, even bankruptcy can be predicted from executives wording about its results

A new way to help lenders make better loan decisions uses the words corporate executives speak on quarterly earnings calls to assess investment risks. “It’s...

ASMR trend grows on Internet

Do you feel a tingling in the back of your neck when you hear whispers? Does a tingling run down your back if you...

Can open relationships actually work?

Open relationships typically describe couples in which the partners have agreed on sexual activity with someone other than their primary romantic partner, while maintaining...
Little girl playing outside

Is it just because of the machines, or don’t parents like to let kids...

Moms in low-income neighborhoods say physical and social barriers in their neighborhoods discourage them from allowing their children to play outside, according to a...
Real estate

Are real estate prices modified by climate change?

Cities from New York to Miami and from New Orleans to Los Angeles are feeling the impact of climate change -- and in some...